Hi, my name is Marten Gehman.

I was born in America but was raised in the Netherlands, near Amsterdam. I started with street soccer at a very young age and grew into field soccer.

It was my dream to play professionally so I trained hard. Every day! I was close to reaching my goals when I unexpectedly ‘ran’ into knee problems.

After multiple knee surgeries my doctor told me at age 14 that I would probably never play soccer again after I turned 18.

Luckily I didn’t believe him. My new goal was just to be able to play soccer for the rest of my life at a super high level. So I trained smarter, not harder. I worked on technique and ball control and mindset. I became a soccer master!

When I was 16 I moved to Gainesville for two years and played for Oak Hall School. I was the top scorer both years and it gave me the confidence to keep training and keep playing soccer. I was on the right track!

Now I have 10.000+ hours of high quality experience with the world-renowned Dutch soccer system known as ‘Total Football.’

When I play soccer people usually comment on how skilled I am or ask me “how do you do that?” We all joke that I have the “Dutch Touch!” 

It is time for me to share my powerful training results with soccer players worldwide through my unique training program called Soccer+

Welcome to the soccer revolution!

Marten Gehman

Head coach , Dutch Touch Soccer Inc.